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Rapid fire interview with the Slade guitarist

Ventorlin (Ventolin) For Sale, Slade were one of the biggest bands in British history and Dave Hill was their guitarist. He still is. Hill and drummer Don Powell continue to tour as Slade although the original line-up, Ventorlin (Ventolin) pictures, with Noddy Holder on vocals and Jim Lea on bass, split in 1991. After paying their dues on the live circuit in the Midlands from the mid-‘60s onwards, the Wolverhampton band finally broke through in 1971, where can i cheapest Ventorlin (Ventolin) online. Managed by ex-Animal and Jimi Hendrix manager Chas Chandler, Slade had a unique run of hit singles through to 1975, Ventorlin (Ventolin) results, including six No.1s, three of which went straight in at the top. The 1975 film ‘Flame’ and accompanying album ‘Slade In Flame’ broke their spell with the public, being musically more sophisticated than previous glam-stomping outings, but it has since been critically revaluated and is often regarded as their best work, Ventorlin (Ventolin) For Sale. As much heavy rock as glam, Slade weathered the punk years and reappeared in the wake of a triumphant appearance at the Reading Festival in 1980, rx free Ventorlin (Ventolin). More hits followed and the 1973 song ‘Merry Christmas Everybody’ remains the UK’s favourite seasonal anthem.

Thomas H Green caught up with Dave Hill, freshly returned form dates in Denmark, Effects of Ventorlin (Ventolin), to ask him questions from Beatmag’s readers and contributors

If you had a time machine, where would you go.
Keith Anderson, London, Ventorlin (Ventolin) description, UK

Dave Hill: “I might like to pop in on Wordsworth up in the Lake District about 200 years ago. I’d pop in and say, Ventorlin (Ventolin) coupon, ‘Nice piece of work you wrote there, mate’.”

Did you ever have to ask Noddy to keep it down. Ventorlin (Ventolin) For Sale, Jonny Reggae, Beatmag

DH: “I didn’t have to tell him that because I was always louder than him – my guitar, that is.”

Have you seen ‘Slade In Flame’ recently.
Thomas H, Beatmag

DH: “I have, Ventorlin (Ventolin) pharmacy, I just received my new DVD copy but I was actually more interested in the additional footage of interviews with all the funny stories. As actors we’re not professionals but we pulled it off, Ventorlin (Ventolin) no rx, I think. There’s been a lot of good things said about it – someone on [BBC] Radio 4 likened it to ‘Citizen Kane’ but I don’t think it was that good. At the time I wasn’t sure, I thought it was a bit of a downer but it seems to have had longevity.”

What’s your favourite stage outfit, Ventorlin (Ventolin) cost.
Francoise Lacan, France

DH: “I don’t wear platforms and glitter anymore – I leave that to the covers bands and the audience, Ventorlin (Ventolin) For Sale. In the past the most amusing costume I wore was when I dressed like an Egyptian to go on ‘Top Of The Pops’ to do ‘Cum On Feel The Noize’ – I had all these comments that I looked like a metal nun.”

Did you hate punk and disco.
Gerry, Ventorlin (Ventolin) no prescription, Birmingham, UK

DH: “I didn’t warm towards the more extreme punk, the spitting and all that, that was just a passing phase, Ventorlin (Ventolin) dose. There was some good music – The Stranglers were good – and good clothes and tee-shirts. I shaved my head at the time and had become a bit of a Kojak of rock’n’roll. Ventorlin (Ventolin) For Sale, I adapted a bit to what they were up to. Doses Ventorlin (Ventolin) work, They were a reaction to the business at the time because it was all boring and about old bands but, like everything, a lot of people got on the bandwagon.”

Who’s the girl who’s “so young” in the song ‘Gudbuy T’Jane’.
Anna, comprar en línea Ventorlin (Ventolin), comprar Ventorlin (Ventolin) baratos, Beatmag

DH: “It’s to do with a TV show in San Francisco. There was this girl who interviewed us and it’s Noddy’s observations about that.”

Do you keep abreast of modern music. Ventorlin (Ventolin) class, Terry Waller, Edinburgh, UK

DH: “I bought The Killers album, I bought Razorlight’s because I like the ‘America’ song, real brand Ventorlin (Ventolin) online, I bought Kaiser Chiefs because they sound a bit like the ‘70s. I quite like The Feeling and James Morrison is a really good singer, Ventorlin (Ventolin) For Sale. I like James Blunt. Online buy Ventorlin (Ventolin) without a prescription, He invited me to his show at the Civic Hall in Wolverhampton, only to be treated to a version of ‘Coz I Luv You’.”

What’s your favourite film.
Pascal Robertson, USA

DH: “Lots, Ventorlin (Ventolin) images. If you want me to pull one out of a hat, ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ with James Stewart. Ventorlin (Ventolin) For Sale, I’m a black and white freak so it’s all ‘Brief Encounter’, ‘A Matter Of Life And Death’, Fred Astaire, ‘Goodbye Mr Chips’, ‘The 39 Steps’, Bogart in ‘Casablanca’…”

How’s it going. Purchase Ventorlin (Ventolin) for sale, Do you often get recognized.
Dave, UK

DH: “I always get recognized but not every minute of the day. How’s it going, Ventorlin (Ventolin) forum. Well, we’re touring very successfully – we had an album, Buy Ventorlin (Ventolin) without a prescription, ‘Keep On Rockin’’, in 1994 and we’ll probably make a new one this year. We’re quite a happy group – we play to 500 people one night in a club and to 15-20,000 people the next night at festivals in different countries – Russia, Czechoslovakia, Poland.”

Are you a fan of KISS, Ventorlin (Ventolin) For Sale. They owe you a huge debt…
Johnny Peacock, Nevada, Ventorlin (Ventolin) without a prescription, USA

DH: “I’m sure Gene Simmons would say, yes, Ordering Ventorlin (Ventolin) online, KISS do owe us a huge debt. He’s a big fan. I met the band on more than one occasion and they’re always complimentary about nicking our ideas. I like them because they acknowledged their debts, Ventorlin (Ventolin) dosage. Ventorlin (Ventolin) For Sale, Gene saw us, me in stack-heeled boots, playing the Academy Of Music in New York and he said to the KISS boys, ‘That’s what we wanna be doing’.”

Can you cook.
Caroline Garaway, London, Order Ventorlin (Ventolin) online c.o.d, UK

DH: “No, not at all. I can probably knock up a boiled egg. I’m more of a gardener, buy Ventorlin (Ventolin) online no prescription. I’ve a good wife who’s also a good cook and I’m a lazy git.”

What’s your favourite Slade song.
Randy Metznik, New York, USA

DH: “’How Does It Feel?’ is a very good tune but I do enjoy playing ‘My Oh My’, a big Slade ballad from the ‘80s and I’ve a lot of nice guitar parts in it.”

Were you ever tempted by drugs in the old days, Ventorlin (Ventolin) For Sale.
Phil Sutton, Buy Ventorlin (Ventolin) from canada, UK

DH: “Not tempted, no. The suggestion was there but were certainly didn’t foster it. People in the States were always like, taking Ventorlin (Ventolin), ‘Hey, man, Ventorlin (Ventolin) duration, what you gotta do is get down and get new insights,’ but we were never into all that. We were more of a drinking group really. Ventorlin (Ventolin) For Sale, I don’t think we’d have produced the music we did if we’d been on drugs because none of our music is about drugs. ‘Cum On Feel The Noize’ can hardly be about smoking dope, online buying Ventorlin (Ventolin) hcl. Remember, in those days we’d seen a lot of people go down. Ventorlin (Ventolin) reviews, Jimi Hendrix had died, there’d been a lot or rock casualties. We weren’t super-clean, don’t get me wrong, Ventorlin (Ventolin) dangers, there’d be a bit of pot around but we certainly didn’t get into hard drugs. To me the biggest mistake ever is making pot a soft drug because that mixed in with alcohol is flippin’ lethal, Ventorlin (Ventolin) For Sale. I don’t want to sound like some boring old ‘70s wotsit but some people get paranoid smoking that stuff because it does things to your head. Discount Ventorlin (Ventolin), But anyway, that’s another subject.

What was the person you were most excited to have met.
Ronnie Daniels, Baltimore, Ventorlin (Ventolin) pics, USA

DH: “I met pretty well most people. I met Hank Marvin on occasion and my first true love was his guitar playing on the instrumentals. Ventorlin (Ventolin) For Sale, We never met Elvis and Elton, well, he was just someone else successful at the same time who’d come and watch us and we’d watch him. Ventorlin (Ventolin) recreational, People used to turn up like James Hunt, the famous racing driver, he was a fan. We’ve never been into the royalty – Prince Charles and that lot never bothered with us.”

How about the Beatles.
Thomas H, Beatmag

DH: “Ringo came to see us play in LA. McCartney was in his studio around the time of ‘My Oh My’ and I remember him standing around in the bar and I hadn’t seen him before. He looked like a cardboard cut-out of himself, Ventorlin (Ventolin) For Sale. We wanted to know if he had a guitar with a tremeloe arm on it and he said, “Yeah, but I don’t have one with five strings.” The one I wanted to meet was George because of his spiritual journeys and all that but I never did.”

How did you feel when Noddy left.
Jezza, Melbourne, Australia

DH: “Disappointed. It was a bit difficult. When he got into what he was doing I felt a little bit miffed but I had to recognize he has a life of his own.”

What’s your favourite tipple. Ventorlin (Ventolin) For Sale, Pete Martling, Eastbourne, UK

DH: “A fairly good quality red wine, mainly Australian.”

When was the last time you had a dance.
Tim, Beatmag

DH: “I don’t go to clubs, I couldn’t stand that onk-onk-onk all night. My idea of a pleasant evening is with my wife and a bottle of wine and some classical music. I’ve already been there, done the clubs, the women, the fun. Slade weren’t big club-goers, we weren’t big groovers. We used to go to Trammps where we’d mix with other celebrities but we were never big on it, Ventorlin (Ventolin) For Sale. We were four working blokes who always came back to the Midlands.”

Any chance of the original line-up getting back together.
Billy Martin, Reading, UK

DH: “I suppose pigs might fly. I very much doubt it. It’s mainly Nod. I’m sure if Nod would change his mind but it would be very difficult for him as he hasn’t sung for 15-20 years. I very much doubt he’d want to do it now. If it meant dragging him onstage for a couple of songs it’d be rather nice but I really don’t see it. I’d do it.”

Slade’s albums, including ‘In Flame’, are available in special editions on Salvo Records and the DVD of ‘Flame’ is out now on Union Square Pictures.

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