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Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, When it comes to polling the most influential British electro pop bands of the late 70s/early 80s, the results invariably follow a repeated pattern in under-valuing one of the best bands of that period: the bombastically named Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, more commonly referred to as OMD.

OMD’s ‘Architecture and Morality’ album released in 1981, contained three hits: ‘Souvenir’, ‘Joan of Arc’ and ‘Maid of New Orleans’, together selling a staggering 8 million copies. ‘Souvenir’ is, quite simply, a beautiful electro-pop record, with a sound that echoes 10CC’s ‘Not in Love’, but filtered through Kraftwerk. Whereas 10cc used multiple overdubs for the choir effects, Fincar (Propecia) without prescription, OMD were characteristically unusual in using one of prog rocks most distinctive instruments: the Mellotron. In this respect, there was an endearing eccentricity about OMD. After all, what other British band sang about power stations and telephone boxes, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. And who else got an audience on ‘Top of the Pops’ dancing to a song about the plane which dropped the Hiroshima bomb (‘Enola Gay’).

The genesis of the Liverpudlian group began with the meeting of two school friends living on the Wirral in North West England; namely, Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys. Both shared a passion for electronic music, particularly Kraftwerk. After a playing in a succession of eccentrically titled bands (such as Hitlerz Underpantz, VCL XI, The Id and Dalek I Love You), OMD were formed, fast shipping Fincar (Propecia). Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, The band’s break came when Tony Wilson invited them to record their first single – ‘Electricity’ - on his Factory label. The track gained the attention of Virgin and OMD were hastily signed to its subsidiary label, Dindisc, in 1979. Initially OMD were just Andy (vocals and bass), Paul (vocals and keyboards) and a Revox tape-recorder, but soon they became a four-piece band adding Martin Cooper (saxophone and keyboards) and Malcolm Holmes (drums). This line-up remained together until 1989, and now they’re back together when the band reformed last year.

Between 1980-1986 OMD released seven albums, and then a further three with McCluskey when the others quit due to musical differences. Yet it’s the first four albums which really mark OMD out as part of the British avant-garde of synth pop, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. Fincar (Propecia) wiki, The first, ‘Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark’ (1980) not only boasted one of their many elegant modernist covers designed by graphic designer Peter Saville (he of Joy Division and New Order), but also introduced the distinctive OMD sound that blended a plethora of electronic influences, most notably Kraftwerk, Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream, Can and Neu!.

The next album, ‘Organisation’ (1980), was darker in tone made evident by the single ‘Enola Gay’. Nevertheless, OMD’s magnum opus was their third album – ‘Architecture and Morality’ (1981) - which fused ideas and images of high modernism (from the cover design to the experimentation of the tracks) with mainstream pop accessibility, Fincar (Propecia) interactions. Their last album of significance was ‘Dazzleships’, yet its experimentalism went too far for public taste and album sales slipped from the previous album’s three million to 300,000. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, From the mid-‘80s, OMD transformed into a more conventional pop band which helped them finally break America with the single ‘If You Leave’, written for the John Hughes film ‘Pretty in Pink’. But it was the beginning of the end. McCluskey carried on with a few more hit singles and albums, but the band fizzled out by the mid-‘90s.

After OMD, Andy launched the highly successful girl group Atomic Kitten. Paul set up the band OneTwo with Claudia Brucken (ex-Propaganda), having just released their first album. Last year Andy and Paul decided to reform OMD with Martin and Malcolm back onboard and will shortly embark on their first tour in years, re-visiting ‘Architecture & Morality’ with a 120 piece Orchestra and Choir…

Adam Locks met Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys in London, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. No prescription Fincar (Propecia) online,

How and why are the original line-up of OMD back together?

AM: “We wish we had a really nice soundbite for this but, as is often the case, reality is complicated. There are lots of different reasons. The bottom line is that it’s the right time. The musical landscape has changed. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, Eleven years ago I stopped doing OMD because I felt that I was banging my head against a brick wall but now, in this wonderful postmodern era, things are being reassessed. We have our place in the pantheon and, hopefully, we’ll be allowed to enjoy ourselves and indulge. People want to hear it. We wanted to do it. Hence, buy Fincar (Propecia) without prescription, there’s a whole load of reasons.”

PH: “It definitely is a good time. We’ve been talking about this since about ’98 when we got together to promote the singles collection, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. So now we’re eight years on from when we talked about the possibilities of getting back together.”

It must also be motivating to reform when you have a number of very well-known music artists citing OMD as a major influence on their own work, for example Moby.

AM: “Yeah, there are a few people who are prepared to come out the closet now. So obviously we’re not that passé anymore.

Do you think OMD were ever passé?

AM: “Musical fashions come and go. By the time it came to the mid-1990s with the height of Britpop there was nothing more out of fashion than a band that was perceived as ‘80s-synth.”

Andy, you were very successful with Atomic Kitten, weren’t you?

AM: “Yeah, which did wonders for my street credibility.”


AM: “You never know. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, In years to come, who knows. Fincar (Propecia) description, Actually, I’m very proud of the work I did with that band. But I take no responsibility for the band becoming a pastiche of themselves because I stopped working with them basically after the first album.”

Let’s return to OMD. OMD always had a reputation for being very high-tech, but how high-tech were you in the beginning. Obviously you started with very little equipment or money, besides the Revox tape recorder and Korg micropreset.

PH: “That Korg was the first piece of semi-high-tech gear that we got…”
AM: “And which we bought from my mother’s Kay’s catalogue for £776 and paid for over 36 weeks.”

PH: “We were really seriously low-tech. We had this Vox organ which cost us £35, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. Until we got that synth from Kay’s Catalogue, we were borrowing. We knew one guy on the Wirral who had a synth and he’d sometimes let us borrow it. I was dabbling in electronics and then studying electronics for a couple of years. I was bastardising radios and all kinds of things – anything that made a weird sound.”

AM: “Nobody dared lend us anything electrical in case it got cannibalised, Fincar (Propecia) street price. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, [Andy notices four rolled up posters tapped together in the corner of the room] Paul, does that remind you of something. Do you remember the old tubaphone we used to have?”

PH: “The tubaphones. Bloody hell, yeah.”

AM: “Before we had anything electrical, we had a thing that was made of a long cardboard tube and was gaffered up. We’d drop microphones in and put the effects unit in and scream into it. We were desperate. We’d use anything that would make a noise, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. We made Cabaret Voltaire sound like the Spice Girls.”

So there wasn’t much money to spend in the beginning?

PH: “We both came from not very wealthy backgrounds. We had no money to sink into the band so, it was just borrow, beg and steal.”

And I suppose that’s why the Revox tape recorder was so important.

PH: “That wasn’t ours either, Doses Fincar (Propecia) work, it belonged to our manager.”

AM: “OMD only started because, practically, we found someone who had a tape recorder. We had a four-track Teac Winston and a two-track Vox and a little studio in his garage. So, we prevailed upon him and said, ‘Listen, we don’t want to do this with our mates anymore who keep messing up our songs with bloody lead guitar solos. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, Can we come into your little studio and record some backing tracks because we want to go and play live – just the two of us’. So, because we met him, that’s why we could hatch this idea of playing with just the two of us. We dared to phone up Eric’s Club in Liverpool and go on stage in Autumn ’78 as a dare, comprar en línea Fincar (Propecia), comprar Fincar (Propecia) baratos. We specifically called ourselves Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark because, a) it didn’t matter, and b) we wanted the most obtuse name so people would know that we weren’t a punk group or rock group.”

Why did you decide to write and perform electronic music over punk. Why weren’t you tempted to go down the punk route?

AM: “We found electronic music before punk came along. We were listening to electronic from ’75 onwards.”

PH: “We did like punk, didn’t we?”

AM: “We liked the ethos of it, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. We saw ourselves as a punk synth band: they go up and play two chords, we go up and play instruments with one finger. To be honest, because of punk and the rise in credibility of provincial venues – it wasn’t all just about London. For a split second there, a series of punk/new wave venues opened up all around the country and the music industry got decentralised for about two years. Buy Fincar (Propecia) from canada, We just happened to get into the new wave clubs. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, Liverpool didn’t really have a history of punk. There weren’t that many punk bands in Liverpool. There was a more open-minded attitude to just get up on stage and do what you felt like doing.”

Yet by sticking to an electronic sound, didn’t OMD face a lot of hostility in those punk years. And, let’s face it, it was a very arty route you took as well, wasn’t it?

PH: “Well, one of the reasons we started as a two piece is because we couldn’t find anyone else who wanted to play with us. Our other musician friends they were all into rock music: Genesis, Eagles and stuff like that. We were into Can and Neu, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. and Kraftwerk…”

And Eno?

PH: “Yeah.”

AM: “They thought that what we were doing was absolute crap.”

PH: “They thought it was just noodling rubbish.”

Kraftwerk were obviously a huge influence on your work, buy Fincar (Propecia) online no prescription. Did you ever see them live or meet them?

PH: “Andy saw them live in ’75.”

AM: “I saw them in September 1975. I heard ‘Autobahn’ on the radio and, like all good teenagers, I was looking for something to create my own identity. Obviously teenagers do that with the music they listen to, their hair styles and their clothes. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, I found Kraftwerk and it was like: ‘This is it!’ I went to see them. I sat in seat Q36. I remember it because it was the first day of the rest of my life – it was the mid-70s, the height of long hair, flared denims, Where can i find Fincar (Propecia) online, and lead guitar solos. These four guys came out in suits and ties, two of them playing what looked like electric tea trays and I just went: ‘I want to do that - that’s the future.’ Anyway, I started buying some records and had such a crap record player. I got to know Paul through some mutual friends. He built his own stereo so we had this symbiotic relationship where I went round to play the records and we got to like the same things to the exclusion of our other friends, and then we took it from there.”

Is it true that Kraftwerk came to one of your gigs?

PH: “They’ve come to a few, actually, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. They came to see us at the Night of the Proms show in Germany last December.”

Did you get to meet them afterwards?

PH: “Apparently they had a six o’clock flight to catch back home.”

AM: “I can remember the first time we met them. It was at a club in Germany. Malcolm [Holmes] and Martin [Cooper] came back into the dressing room having been out at the bar and said, ‘You never guess who’s come here to see us - Kraftwerk!’ We shat ourselves when they told us that.”

PH: “The worse thing was that once we were on stage, you could see the four of them across the balcony because it was a small club. There was the four of them in a line just watching us. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, It was so intimidating.”

AM: “All I can remember is that for the whole gig I was standing there looking at them and thinking, ‘I wonder what they think. I wonder what they think.’ There was nobody more important to us than Kraftwerk, discount Fincar (Propecia). There were other important influences – Bowie, Eno, Roxy Music, Velvet Underground - but they were always number one.”

Are they still number one for you?

PH: I still adore them. I saw them at the last tour and thought they were fantastic.

AM: “I think the interesting thing about Kraftwerk is that, effectively, they have been treading water for the last 25 years, but they’re still ahead of the game. Essentially, they are synth music’s Rolling Stones, but actually they’ve been more influential, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. Kraftwerk have been the most influential band on popular music in the last 30 years.”

Why were OMD so obsessed with cardigans. Fincar (Propecia) recreational, What was it with cardigans and OMD in those early years?

PH: “How did we get into that?”

AM: “We were very serious about the music to the point where we wanted to exclude all else, especially any discussion of style and fashion. We were serious, moody, northern, industrial boys who were only interested in music. We believed that music was going to change the world, so it didn’t matter what you wore. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, In fact, it so little mattered what we wore that we went to extremes to wear things that were absolutely mundane and naff. Unfortunately that backfired because by trying to have no image – wearing white shirts and thin black ties – you’re suddenly faced with the whole front row of boys at the Hammersmith Odeon wearing sleeveless cardigans with white shirts and thin black ties. It was supposed to be a non-image - you misinterpreted it.”

PH: “We did also want to cut ourselves away from the New Romantics.”

Ah, that leads to my next question. You were labelled, Fincar (Propecia) from mexico, rather unfairly, as one of the New Romantic bands. I’ve read that you found this offensive. Why?

AM: “Nobody was more horrified than we were.”


AM: “Well, as I’ve said we were serious northern boys whose music was more important than how much friggin’ eye-liner you were wearing or whose namby-pamby clothes were in fashion.”

Aside from image, were there any New Romantic bands whose music you did like?

AM: “No, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. They were all shit.”

PH: “At the time it was really ‘us and them’.”

I can imagine you being offended by the press pigeon-holing you with bands such as Spandau Ballet.

AM: “Oh yeah. One of the things you’ve got to understand is that one of the reasons I wanted to do my own music was because I hated almost all the music I heard. You have to hate and use it as an engine and I just thought that everything was shit. We liked our five musical influences and everything else was crap.”

You really didn’t like any other acts?

AM: “Oh, ‘Warm Leatherette’ by The Normal. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, There you go, that was good. Actually, The Human League’s ‘Being Boiled’ was OK until we realised that Phil Oakey had that bloody hair do.”

What was the thinking behind ‘Architecture and Morality’. Fincar (Propecia) over the counter, What’s the title referring to?

AM: “We stole it from a book.”

Which one?

AM: “‘Morality and Architecture’.”

Well, that’s not plagiarism then.

AM: “It was purloined from Martha Ladley who was the keyboard player in Martha and the Muffins who was the girlfriend of Peter Saville at the time, and who suggested it as a great title. We could see it was a great title because it was a sort of metaphor for our own music: we have the electronic structure - the architecture, the inhuman machine; and we have the morality which is the warmth and the empathy and the vocals and the humanity. The tension created by the juxtaposition is where we saw the strength of our music being derived from.”

What made you decide to use the Mellotron on that album because that was a very unusual choice for a synth band.

PH: “Yeah, well, we started dabbling with choirs.”

AM: “It’s like drugs. We started dabbling with choirs and then we moved on to the Mellotron.”

PH: “We started messing with the idea of a choral sound just by chance, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. Someone had been recording a choir and they got the choir to sing all these individual notes and they didn’t know what to do with them. So they came to our studio and asked us to make loops out of the sounds. As payment they let us have a copy. So, generic Fincar (Propecia), we made all these loops and, of course, that’s how ‘Souvenir’ started. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, We liked the combination of electronics and the more choral theme, so the next progression was obviously to get the Mellotron where you can have those sounds on a keyboard – that was the only thing available; nowadays you can have samplers, but at that time, the only way you could have full control of a choir on your fingertips was the Mellotron.”

The Mellotron was usually a prog rock instrument, wasn’t it?

AM: “Yes it was, even at that stage. But the Mellotron allowed us a whole new palette. Even after only making two albums, we were bored with the synths we had. This was one of the driving forces behind us: everything we did had to be something we hadn’t done before – every sound, every subject, every drum pattern, we trying to do something we hadn’t done before. Fincar (Propecia) canada, mexico, india, We never wanted to repeat ourselves which worked for four, maybe even five albums. So, the Mellotron seemed logical because we were always looking for something new, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. But also the choirs and violins on the Mellotron didn’t sound quite like the real thing so they had that nice…”

PH: “…Quirkiness which we liked.”

AM: “Yes, quirky element which we liked. If you wanted a violin you didn’t have to go and get a violin player because we were quite intimidated by very good musicians because we weren’t. So, we could play the Mellotron and violin with one finger in the safety of our own studio without the fear of getting someone in who might be better than us and look down upon us.”

What sort of musical ability did you have when you first started the band?

PH: “We never had a music lesson in our lives.”

AM: “He taught himself to play keyboards and I taught myself to play bass.”

PH: “We learnt off each other, really.”

AM: “We can’t jam with people. We can’t play other people’s songs. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, We can play our own, quite well really.”

Your song lyrics were always very diverse. One minute you’re singing about Enola Gay on ‘Organisation’, then it’s Joan of Arc on ‘Architecture and Morality’. How and why such unusual topics?

PH: “We really didn’t want to do this traditional love lyrics, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. We always hated those kind of ‘I love you’ and ‘You love me’ kinds of songs. Kraftwerk always sung about really unusual things as well. Also, another influence on us was Brian Eno and he always sung about some very unusual topics, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. So, we kind of followed that line.”

AM: “Again it was us wanting to do something new and not be clichéd and repeat things.”

PH: “So why not sing about ‘Enola Gay’.”

Indeed. Who else had sung about Hiroshima in the pop charts?!

PH: “Yeah, who dares to sing about that?”

AM: “I tortured myself. On the third album, the song ‘Joan of Arc’ has the word love in it and I kept thinking, can I use this word?’ But love here is kind of third party – it’s not you or me, it’s she. Fincar (Propecia) online cod, She fell in love, so I can get away with that. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, It’s not a first or second love.”

PH: “Because we thought love was such a cliché. There were so many love songs, particularly at that time. We just thought they became meaningless, really.”

But you did sing about love on later albums.

AM: “Oh, we sold out by then.”

Talking of song lyrics, what’s the obsession with power stations and I know that you’re doing some audio-visual work with Peter Saville next year which, again, involves, power station imagery.

AM: [Very-tongue-in-cheek] “Let me quote Peter Saville [Andy reads from a PR statement about next year’s project which is written in a highly abstruse style].”

That’s bloody pretentious, ordering Fincar (Propecia) online, isn’t it.

AM: “I’m sending it to Pseuds Corner in ‘Private Eye’.”

What the hell does that mean?

AM: “You don’t know. Call yourself a journalist?”

I’m sure there’s a simpler answer, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. Didn’t one of you have a dad who worked at a power station?

AM: “Yeah, I did.”

After all that.

AM: “We were children of the modernists and I think we held in our minds that still slightly utopian vision of technology and the future which Kraftwerk were doing as well. Certainly, I had a soft spot for powerful industrial complexes. The fact that my father and sister worked at Stanlow oil refinery gave it a certain personal empathy. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, Also, in a much more prosaic way, we seemed to often be playing Manchester or Sheffield or even London; whenever we’d come up the motorway and turn on to the 56, when we saw Stanlow oil refinery which was all lit up at night, we knew we were 20 minutes from home. So, it was our beacon. Taking Fincar (Propecia), We wanted to write songs about different things. We had an emotional response to an inanimate object which kind of made sense. And because it was unusual, it made me even more determined to write those songs.”

It’s interesting how the technology you sung about is often both utopian and dystopian.

PH: “We touched upon some awkward subjects like genetic engineering.”

The only other band I can think of who were singing about genetic engineering was The Stranglers with ‘Genetix’.

PH: “Yes, they did.”

AM: “Certainly in my mind, I’m not black and white. I can see both sides of the argument, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. I can see why you would drop an atom bomb and why you shouldn’t drop an atom bomb. I can see why you need electricity, but you wouldn’t want to generate it with coal power because of sulphur omissions and CO2s. I can see both sides of the argument. So, I’m drawn to very extreme arguments because I like that extremity and that impossibility for finding resolution, Fincar (Propecia) maximum dosage. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, I find that fascinating.”

PH: “Our songs are dark subject matter wrapped up in a fluffy pop song.”

AM: “Here’s one about tens of thousands of people getting nuked and getting cancer - put your hands in the air. As Carol Wilson from Dindisc records used to say, which we took to be a compliment, ‘The trouble with you guys is that you just don’t know whether you want to be Joy Division or Abba’.”

So you were influenced by Joy Division?

PH: “Well, we were both on Factory Records.”

I presume you knew Ian Curtis. What sort of person was he?

PH: “We did.”

AM: “He was a nice down-to-earth normal bloke. Smoked and drank. Danced like I did which was quite strange.”

I’d like to ask you about your dancing in a moment.

AM: “It’s funny, people’s perceptions from the outside.”

His death has become heavily mythologized in popular culture.

AM: “He died after two albums. He’s never been able to do anything that’s embarrassed his reputation.”

How did Peter Saville come to design the album covers for OMD, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. Did the band give him a brief in terms of what sort of visual style they wanted?

PH: “Peter was the designer for Factory Records so our initial meeting was that he design the ‘Electricity’ single sleeve. We then signed to Dindisc which was owned by Virgin and Dindisc basically poached Peter from Factory to do all the art work for all their artists.”

AM: “Peter was great but, Fincar (Propecia) overnight, boy, did you have to wait. He was the notoriously late Peter Saville.”

Is that because he was so busy?

AM: He tortures himself. He can’t deliver on time and, particularly in those days, he was completely nocturnal – he didn’t start work until five or six at night. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, It was difficult. I’m sure that 50% of people bought the first album cover that he did because they were thinking, ‘What’s that. I must buy that’.”

They are striking modernist album covers.

AM: “I think the first album and the ‘Dazzleships’ album were amazing. For ‘Dazzleships’, Peter said to us that he’d found this great Vorticist painting called ‘Dazzle Ships’ and that he’d love to do a Vorticist sleeve for it, so could we write a song with that title.”

With the huge success of the three singles off ‘Architecture and Morality’, my Fincar (Propecia) experience, what was it like suddenly becoming household names and getting on the cover of magazines such as ‘Smash Hits’.

PH: “Quite uncomfortable, really, because this was pre-celebrity culture. In those days, fame was just a by-product of making music, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. We didn’t set out to be famous. We didn’t really want to be famous.”

Was it awkward being famous because you were ‘serious’ artists?

AM: “I didn’t mind being on the cover of ‘Smash Hits’. It was a classic moment in pop history when we did a cover for ‘Smash Hits’ for the album ‘Dazzleships’. We were in Eric Watson’s studio doing the ‘Dazzleships’ front cover, dressed in grey shirts with red ties and looking just like Franz Ferdinand from two years ago, being interviewed by Neil Tenant just before the Pet Shop Boys started.”

PH: “It was his last interview, Buy no prescription Fincar (Propecia) online, I think.”

AM: “…and looking at Eric’s desk at these pictures he had and asking, ‘Who’s she. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, She looks funky’. He said, ‘Some fucking American dancer who thinks she can sing’.”


AM: “Yeah, it was Madonna. Quite a moment in pop history. The funny thing was that right up to and including ‘Architecture and Morality’, Paul was still living at his house where he had grown up; I was still living in the box room in my house – my mother had all the gold and platinum albums on the wall downstairs on the mantelpiece. We sold millions of records and we were paying ourselves about £75 pounds a week. Paul didn’t have a car, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. I had a car with mushrooms growing in the footwell.”

So that very nice car we see you drive in the ‘Souvenir’ video didn’t belong to you?

AM: “No, that was Peter Savilles. And completely by chance, Fincar (Propecia) no prescription, I remember the Christmas of 1980 I’d gone to a club and met a girl who’d I heard about because she’d done some modelling. Anyway, we started going out. That January, we were on tour in France and my manger phones me and says, ‘Andy, what’s the name of your girlfriend because you might want to look at the tabloids’. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, I saw in one of them: ‘Sexy Miss Great Britain goes out with pop star Andy. Why does Andy always look so glum when he goes to bed with this girl?’ I’ve turned into Rod Stewart without even trying. That was embarrassing, especially as she wouldn’t be seen dead in the car with the mushrooms in the footwell, Where can i buy Fincar (Propecia) online, so she insisted on going out in a car she’d been given for winning Miss Great Britain which had, ‘Tracy Dodd: Miss Great Britain’ all down the side. You’d pull up at the traffic lights and it would be horribly uncomfortable being looked at.”

PH: “We were uncomfortable with the whole thing. You’d go to the shops and be signing autographs at the check-out.”

AM: “It wasn’t why we did it. We did not go in for Pop Idol, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. We went in for Kraftwerk Idol.”

Mind you, the adulation at live gigs must have been very pleasurable.

PH: “That’s a different environment from the supermarket. You put yourself on stage to be adored in a way, to have people.”

AM: “Did you want to be adored?”

PH: “Musically.”

AM: “I never knew that.”

PH: “We put music out to the public because we wanted people to like it.”

AM: “When audiences applauded I just found it to be a great relief because I was always terrified that we were going to die a death on stage. I was always very nervous before we started but, once we got going, it was enjoyable.”

Since you had so much electronic equipment on stage, I’m presuming you had your fair sure of technological nightmares where things would go wrong.

PH: “I remember we did the Rose Bowl in Pasadena in 1988 with Depeche Mode in front of 90, purchase Fincar (Propecia) online,000 people.”

AM: WWe started ‘Enola Gay’, you hit the drum machine, it started. I counted us in. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, Malcolm and I came in with the bass and the drum and just before he and Martin came in with the keyboards there was a millisecond power spike on stage which wiped the RAM out of the two keyboards. So, it was, ‘One, two, three, four!’ and it was like this dub version of the song with no keyboards. Purchase Fincar (Propecia) online no prescription, We were dying, but the audience thought it was some dub intro.”

PH: “They loved it!”

You managed to reload?

PH: “Yeah, we managed to reload. We got there in the end.”

AM: “I remember walking out on stage at the Manchester Apollo when we supported Gary Numan. I forgot to start the first song in the set and it was in the middle of ‘Messages’ because we hadn’t rewound the tape. So, there we were on stage saying, ‘Sorry about this, we’ve just got to rewind the tape, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. It’s all live’.”

I’ve read that while you toured with Depeche Mode in the 80s, Dave Gahan used to do a fair bit of coke. How much did drugs become part of OMD’s lifestyle?

PH: “Particularly in America in the mid-80s, it drove the music industry, so it was around everywhere you went. People just shoved mirrors in front of your nose. It was either sniff or don’t sniff.”

I have read that Dave Gahan was particularly hardcore, purchase Fincar (Propecia). Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, There’s a nice story of how while playing cricket with Depeche Mode, Dave did a line before batting and you got him out straight away!

AM: “Yep. We were touring with our crew and on our day off – the Depeche Mode boys weren’t there because they weren’t touring with their crew – our bus and the other crew bus met for a game of cricket, and we beat the Depeche crew. They weren’t very happy about this so they arranged for a rematch in New Jersey and they beat the pants off us. Obviously Dave Gahan was wired off his face and was just swinging for Britain.”

PH: “Swinging for Britain and snorting for Britain!”

Andy, I came across one comment on Youtube with regard to the ‘electricity’ track. This person wrote under the video: ‘This is one OMD song that still stands the test of time. A classic, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. They never could dance though’. Harsh?

PH: “You should have seen Andy on the tour in Germany last. He swore he wouldn’t dance.”

AM: “I really did want to try and salvage some dignity, but faced with an audience and our music, Australia, uk, us, usa, it all went out the window. It’s hard enough coming back at the age of 47 because I can remember sitting in a pub at 20 years old saying to someone that if I’m still in the music industry at 25, please shoot me. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, Now I’m 47, there is an element of me that is reminded of the young lad who would have been horrified to see his middle aged self still trying to dance; mind you, he’d be even more horrified about Atomic Kitten. So, I struggle with that. I know why I used to dance like I did. It was largely part of the fact that I was so determined to show people that there was energy, there was passion, there was enthusiasm, that we weren’t standing there pressing buttons and being boring. I was trying to sell it and show my enthusiasm for it and it was a particularly stupid way of doing it, but that’s the way it was.”

OMD fans seemed to enjoy seeing you so kinetic on stage, where can i buy cheapest Fincar (Propecia) online.

AM: “Some people think it wouldn’t be a gig if you didn’t do that, other people are like, ‘I don’t get it, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. Why are you doing it?’ You know what, it was my clumsy, dysfunctional way of trying to project to every single person in the house a 100% of how much I wanted them to like this because I was frightened they weren’t going to. It was completely the wrong way to go about it, but it happened that way. All I can say in my defence is that it made Paul look good.”

Well, with Kraftwerk, the last thing you want is them to move during a live performance. I remember being disappointed when they waved at the end of a gig. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, But with OMD it was different. Moving on, Cheap Fincar (Propecia) no rx, how faithfully will you try and recreate that distinctive OMD sound for the ‘Architecture and Morality’ gigs which are coming up in May?

PH: “We’ve gone a bit nerdy, really. We’ve gone back to the very original sounds and resampled them into very high-tech instruments. We were astounded in a recent rehearsal. We played a couple of songs and they sounded like the record, if not better.”

AM: “Basically, we don’t have the sounds anymore. We don’t have the instruments anymore, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. Our songs are quite sound specific. ‘Souvenir’ and so on has to have that sound. And, since we don’t have the instruments to make that sound anymore, we had to go back to the two-inch tapes. So, it’s going to sound like the record because it is. We sampled it off the record.”

Do you have none of the original synths?

PH: “We used to use a synth called the Prophet 5 and now they do these virtual Prophets.”

The Pro 53? Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, PH: “Yeah, the Pro 53. It’s been very important for us to recreate that sound.”

AM: “And we’re proud of it.”

As you mentioned earlier, you played some live gigs last year at the Night of the Proms, although that was with a live orchestra. How was that?

PH: “It was a bit scary at first with a full orchestra and choir who we had only had one rehearsal with. The first night in Hamburg, we were crapping ourselves. After a couple of gigs, it sounded great.”

AM: “And for ‘Seven Seas’ which you wouldn’t think sound great because it’s all based around non-linear reverb on the drum machine, we just said, ‘Everyone who has a percussion instrument, play percussion,’ so there were about six or seven of them all banging away. Then with the orchestra, we said ‘and the kitchen sink’.”

PH: “When the orchestra kicked in behind us, it was just fantastic.”

I hear you might be touring with the London Philharmonic Orchestra as well next year.

AM: “Yeah, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. We’ve got a couple of tracks out for arrangement and we’re going to try some workshops. They seem very keen and we’re very keen. The ‘Energy Suite’ will be premiered at FACT in Liverpool as part of the Capital of Culture celebrations. The first half of the show they’ll play ‘The Energy Suite’. Fincar (Propecia) For Sale, They’ll be these great big screens with all these industrial landscapes on with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. We’re not even going to grace the stage.”

Now OMD are back together with their original line-up, can we expect a future album?

AM: “It’s the one thing that we’re rather nervous to discuss. We all know that 99 out of 100 bands of our age who come back and make a record, the record’s bloody awful. So, you’re almost embarrassed to say you’re going to make a record because the anticipation is that it’s going to be crap. There will be a release, probably a DVD of ‘The Energy Suite’, then we have a couple of other things which I don’t want to talk about. There’s ways and ways of making records and there’s a way which we feel we can start getting ourselves back in.”

You could quite easily take the Kraftwerk route and not produce any new material.

AM: “There is an element of me – the younger Andy – which is saying that I don’t want to be just going out and playing old material, but the scary thing is you’ve got to be realistic and say that unless the new material is…To be honest, not even unless, Fincar (Propecia) For Sale. Even if the new material is genius, the chances are of it crossing over so that everybody knows it is quite difficult. I have to say that I want to do this now. I’m excited by it, but there are elements in me that are nervous about it. There’s an 18 year old me inside thinking, ‘You sad old bastard’.”

PH: “It’s difficult.”

AM: “You want to still be relevant and you don’t just want to be relevant for your back catalogue, but at least it’s reassuring that it would appear that our back catalogue now at least has some respect which I don’t feel it had ten years ago. That’s a start. That’s a nice start.”

On April 30th, Virgin/EMI will release a special deluxe double CD and DVD of a digitally re-mastered ‘Architecture and Morality’, including a live DVD of OMD’s Drury Lane concert from 1981; in May they play in Dublin, Glasgow, Liverpool and London; an audio-visual installation with Peter Savile will be premiered at FACT in Liverpool in March 2008 as part of the Capital of Culture celebrations with the working title of ‘The Energy Suite’; finally, OMD are also working with The London Philharmonic Orchestra for a major tour in Autumn 2008. .

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