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Peter Hook

Utram (Tramadol) For Sale, Beatmag's unique questionnaire, where our readers (and contributors) fire offbeat questions at the great and the good.

Peter Hook, 50, is bassist for New Order, buy Utram (Tramadol) no prescription, the Manchester group formed from the ashes of Joy Division in the early 1980s. Over the years he has been a member of other groups, Purchase Utram (Tramadol) online, such as Revenge and Monaco, produced the Inspiral Carpets and worked with Hybrid, but it is for his low-slung melodic New Order basslines that he will be remembered. As a vital cog in the Factory Records indie empire he co-owned The ground-breaking Hacienda nightclub in Manchester and has recently helped mix and put together the three CD 'Hacienda Classics' compilation for Virgin EMI, Utram (Tramadol) dangers.

Beatmag caught up with him as he prepared to fly to Bangkok, beginning a DJ tour of the Far East, Utram (Tramadol) online cod, and fired questions gathered from our readers and contributors.

Which songs on the new compilation stir special memories, Utram (Tramadol) For Sale.
(Beatmag Editorial)

Peter Hook: "I had a slight problem when putting it all together because when I listened to most of the songs for the first time I realised I couldn't remember a bloody thing and there was only one that really struck a chord with me. I love 'Pump Up London' [by Mr Lee], the energy, Utram (Tramadol) dosage, the whole sound really kicks and made me proud of the whole thing."

New Order wrote the England song for the 1990 World Cup, 'World In Motion', Buy Utram (Tramadol) online no prescription, featuring a rap by John Barnes. Who do you think should rap on the new England World Cup song.
(Daniel Savage, UK)

PH: "Got to be Wayne Rooney, purchase Utram (Tramadol) for sale, hasn't it, man. Utram (Tramadol) For Sale, Bez has done a World Cup song, it's been plugged in Manchester like mad but I don't know what it's like - I'm keeping me fingers crossed."

When was the last time you sang 'Dreams Never End' [one of the few New Order songs with a Hook vocal, from 1981 album 'Movement]. Utram (Tramadol) brand name, (Berndt Frischmann, Switzerland)

PH: "Bloody hell, you know, I sang it yesterday in the car, Utram (Tramadol) pharmacy. Someone sent me a load of live tapes, downloaded them and sorted them out, Utram (Tramadol) without a prescription, a journalist friend in London. 'Dreams Never End' came on and I'd not heard it in donkeys' years - I had a sing-along - how sad is that?"

Are you a betting man.
(Spencer, Beatmag)

PH: "Yes, doses Utram (Tramadol) work, I have been known to have a flutter. I have a friend called Twinny who gives me all the hot tips, on which I've lost thousands, Utram (Tramadol) For Sale. The last thing I bet on was with my daughter, Buy no prescription Utram (Tramadol) online, on which lift in our apartment in Majorca would arrive first - I lost 20 Euros."

Is Freebass [Hooky's band with Mani of Primal Scream and Andy Rourke, ex-Smiths] a real band.
(Beatmag Editorial)

PH: "It is, yeah, rx free Utram (Tramadol), we've a lot of ideas and we've just found a vocalist from Wigan called Richard. It's on its way, Utram (Tramadol) used for, actually. The only problem is that Mani, Andy Rourke and I have been so bloody busy DJing that we can't get round to playing together so we're having to rectify that in the coming months. Utram (Tramadol) For Sale, Our sound is a cross between Northern soul, New Order, Smiths, a sprinkling of Stone Roses and the hard edge of Primal Scream. Everyone was laughing at us but it's pretty good, Utram (Tramadol) over the counter, actually - I was amazed. There's even some songs where we've got three bass players and it fucking works so we're going to show 'em all."

Does anyone call you Pete. Buy Utram (Tramadol) from canada, (Peter Dyer-Shaw, USA)

PH: "Yeah, me mother. Whenever she said, Utram (Tramadol) photos, 'Our Peter,' I knew I was in dire trouble. No-one else calls me 'Pete' - very strange actually.., Utram (Tramadol) For Sale. Utram (Tramadol) class, no, my girlfriend calls me 'Pete', but she's the only one."

Joy Division, New Order and Monaco

When was the last time you saw Sean Ryder, get Utram (Tramadol).
(Cary, Australia)

PH: "I saw him at the XFM opening party. Canada, mexico, india, He was in quite a good mood, a much better mood than the last time I saw him at the NME Awards. His girlfriend was being sick in the urinals, just another normal night with Sean Ryder really, buy Utram (Tramadol) without a prescription. Utram (Tramadol) For Sale, No, at the NME Awards his brother was playing with Ian Brown and there was a bit of sibling rivalry going on."

Do you enjoy a spot of gardening.
(Amr, Beatmag)

PH: "I do. Low dose Utram (Tramadol), I do nude gardening which I find is very good for developing an all-over tan, especially of the arsehole with all the bending over. Luckily I'm overlooked by several neighbours so it's a rare treat for them."

It's been almost ten years since Monaco had their biggest hit with 'What Do You Want From Me?' - what are your favourite memories of the group.
(Paolo Fanucci, effects of Utram (Tramadol), Italy)

PH: "Amazing you mentioned that - Andy Rourke is doing a new cancer benefit this year and Pottsy [David Potts] and I are going to reform Monaco for that. Monaco were sorely missed at the last Manchester benefit so it'd be great to do it again."

Were The Who and influence on New Order, Utram (Tramadol) For Sale.
(Darryl Barnes, Utram (Tramadol) blogs, USA)

PH: "Bernard and I used to listen to 'Live At Leeds' a lot but, no, they weren't an influence on New Order, definitely."

Hook in the Melody Maker 1990 with Revenge

What's the worst instrumental solo you've ever heard, Utram (Tramadol) mg.
(Dannyboy, UK)

PH: "Probably one of mine. Order Utram (Tramadol) from mexican pharmacy, Our sound guy used to have a cassette of my worst solos that he'd play himself when he needed cheering up. 'Dreams Never End' was always a favourite for getting wrong and 'Doubts Even Here' - he had that about six times in the wrong key and everything."

When was the last time you wore leather trousers. Utram (Tramadol) For Sale, (Silas Cermenko, Latvia)

PH: "Probably the last time I drove my Harley Davidson before I sold it, when I realised that 40 odd year old blokes don't bounce, they smash - about five years ago."

What would you be called if you were a girl.
(Jerry Canton, USA)

PH: "Petra, Utram (Tramadol) without prescription, yeah, I like that. Online Utram (Tramadol) without a prescription, If I decided to be a girl I'd call myself Petra."

What was the last DVD you watched.
(Christopher Honeywell, UK)

PH: "'Anal Classics'."

Is it true that you prefer ['Blue Monday' b-side] 'The Beach' to 'Blue Monday'.
(Maddy Prior, Utram (Tramadol) interactions, USA)

PH: "I prefer the 1988 Hardfloor edit, apart from one I play when I DJ which some kid did- 136 BPM, Discount Utram (Tramadol), really hard house. He sent it to us for OK-ing and we OK-ed it and he's never been heard of since - maybe he's been run over, poor bugger, Utram (Tramadol) For Sale. The thing is we're all so bloody bored with it - it's like The Troggs with 'Wild Thing', innit. I keep begging, where to buy Utram (Tramadol), every time we play, can we please not play 'Blue Monday' but Bernard won't do it - 'The fans want to hear it, Utram (Tramadol) from mexico, we should play it' - which is ironic because he don't give a fuck about 'em really."

What's you favourite TV programme.
(Jan Klepp, USA)

PH: "'Coronation Street'. I remember listening to it when me mam used to put me to bed when I was three years old, is Utram (Tramadol) addictive. Utram (Tramadol) For Sale, Me and our kid used to sneak down and watch it from the top of the stairs where we could see it in black and white in the living room. Every time I hear the theme tune it makes me feel like I'm home."

If you could have your mind transported back into your twenty year old self, would you do anything differently. Utram (Tramadol) photos, (Kerry Johnson, UK)

PH: "I'd like to say I wouldn't but I'm afraid I would, and I'm not too sure what the outcome would be. I would change history, Utram (Tramadol) pharmacy, musical history and club history, I'm afraid, and I'm not sure anyone would be as happy with the outcome as they are now... I'm not saying what I'd have done..."

Hooky onstage with Damon Gough and Mani

'The Hacienda Classics, compiled and mixed by Peter Hook' is out May 15th on Virgin EMI.

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